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At TNIN we believe in free markets and we value our partnerships. Connect with us and let’s find a way to work together.

Whether you are selling a house, a car, have items for sale or looking for or offering employment, advertising opportunities with the TNIN's online classifieds are designed to make the booking process easy and accessible 24 hours a day.  With just a click of your mouse, your placement will be accessed by millions of online users daily.

We currently offer packages starting with FREE online placement in which you not only get the description but also one photo placement and the ability to enhance your placement.  To learn more about online ad and classified placements get straight to our contacts  and talk to our staff– they're easy to access and extremely users' friendly.


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Benefits of Online Advertising with TNIN

TNIN, via our website, offers advertisers the ultimate online platform and all of the associated benefits of online advertising. With web advertising, you will access a potent tool of communicating – positioning your brand and message to a large audience while enjoying measurable performance, unprecedented reach and increased referrals. This means of advertising is inexpensive, can be targeted and allows for extremely creative elements to be used in your campaign.

There are several advantages to online advertising with us, but primarily, our clients enjoy our services because they are inexpensive, easy to use, highly visible, and well trafficked.

When you advertise with the TNIN, your digital advertisement will be placed on the bottom or on the sidebar of our popular website. The placement of your advertisement, while not guaranteed, can be discussed with one of our professional advertising account managers, who can match your web advertising with appropriate content to get the highest visibility possible.

Whereas traditional advertising limits the amount of images, colours, and text that can be used, the advantages of online advertising include being able to create a visually rich, colourful, and eye-catching graphic that can more easily draw readers in to your product, and lead them to your website.

TNIN web advertising can help you track your leads, and can help you understand where your clients are coming from. When a visitor to the TNIN's website clicks on your advertisement, you can (through the use of some easy, free, and convenient devices) easily track the source of your business.

TNIN Advertising Guidelines

We ensure the publication of accurate, non-libellous, and lawful content. Our ad guidelines stipulate that:

  • Submission of an advertisement for publication consideration does not guarantee publication.
  • TNIN retains the right to review and either accept or reject any submission based upon content.
  • Ads submissions must accurately represent the brand or services provided.
  • Ads submissions must be original or proprietary content held by a company, and must not violate current copyright, trademarks, trade names, or any other intellectual rights.
  • Ad submissions must represent a brand or service and must not be libelous against any person or company.
  • Image - A basic image creative. Requires a GIF, JPG, or PNG file
  • Flash - A creative containing animation, sound, video, clip on  youtube, or interactive features. Requires a Flash (SWF) file

Our guidelines are designed to ensure a standard level of acceptable advertising submissions that will be considered for publication. We want to provide potential advertisers with the up-front knowledge regarding our  advertising guidelines and policies, and we will attempt to negotiate an acceptable compromise if we deem a submission unsuitable for publication. Ads will be declined in instances where a submission cannot be agreed upon by both us and the clients.


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