2023 Election Cases: NBA going outside it’s objectives.. BY CHIEF MALCOLM EMOKINIOVO OMIRHOBO .

I am miffed reading that the NBA President, YC Maikyau SAN has submitted list of members of the association who volunteered to defend INEC with legal services, free of Charge in cases involving the 2023 general elections.

Just in case the president of the NBA has forgotten , I will like to remind him that the objectives of the association is the promotion and protection of human rights, the rule of law and good governance in Nigeria .

In view of the above , I expect the NBA at this time of our nascent democracy to focus on seeking for justice for aggrieved persons on pro-bono basis of cases involving the violation of human rights and the rule of law by the police , INEC itself , the government and certain individuals during the just concluded Nigerian 2023 elections instead of defending INEC who have funds and can afford the services of the best lawyers in Nigeria unlike many members of the public that are indigent .

The NBA President cannot pretend not to know that there was voters repression through out Nigeria . Like in case of the Oro rite performed during elections to disenfranchise women and non indigenes. He cannot pretend not to know that certain group of persons made open threat to law abiding citizens not to come out to vote . He cannot deny that he is not aware of the xenophobic statements made by certain persons that almost lead to a tribal war . He cannot turn a blind to the fact that many of voters that were brave to came out to vote were attacked and are now in several hospitals nursing their wounds and that some died . Can the NBA president deny that he is not aware that there were several ballot box snatching, electorial mal practices and impunity even by INEC itself during the last elections ?

Without being rude and insolent , I most respectfully suggest to the president to use his office to drive the NBA to look at the electoral Acts to see how it can be improved upon based on the experiences gathered from the 2023 elections by making suggestions or even sponsoring bills.

The NBA should not be defending INEC but help INEC prosecute all those that violated the electoral laws and other laws of the land during the 2023 elections .This is how NBA can help the nation towards a credible polls.

At this point I am calling on all well meaning members of the NBA to weigh in to call our president to order so as not to ruin the reputation of our dear association .

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