$450 Million Worth Arnold Schwarzenegger Became First American to Own Two Rare Luxury Cars- Here’s How

When one browses cars in the market, some etch into our minds. Limousines, Monster Truck, and Lamborghinis are some of the best cars in the world. However, when we see a Hummer – instant goosebumps! Some celebrities buy cars that match their persona. But, very few influenced the market by purchasing this car. Enter the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The legendary bodybuilder’s love for Hummers is astounding. He is the first man to own both an electric and a gas variant of this famous car. Now, that shows his love for the iconic automobile. It was unique during that time, and Arnold became the perfect marketing image for the car company.

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves Hummers

The love affair started during the sets of the Kindergarten Cop. Schwarzenegger received the opportunity to drive hummers used by the army convoy and instantly fell in love with the machine. Wanting to get his hands on one, he contacted AM General, the company that brought these cars into existence. As the army used these cars, Arnold desired to own one and requested that they would convert one into a consumer version.

Dreams do come true. Following this conversation, AM General brought out the car to the public. They had initial hesitations about the machine and were skeptical in he beginning. But, they gave it a go, and the response was spectacular. The actor had various cars in his kitty, but the gas Hummer H1 became iconic.

After the H1 Hummer, Arnold bought the H2. This was the smaller version of the car and was affordable. His love for Hummer did not end there.

Schwarzenegger’s environment friendly option

Arnold converted one of his Hummers to an EV variant. He teamed up with Kreisel Electric to introduce the first all-electric Hummer H1. His aim towards clean living made significant importance for this purchase. Thus, the Hummer had a 100-kWh battery that provided a driving range of 185 miles. The massive 483 horsepower engine helped it to reach speeds of 75 mph. It was an absolute beast.

The Austrian Oak influenced GM Motors to mass produce EV versions of Hummers. Every decision he makes becomes the best. Arnold is an intelligent man who probably thinks a lot before he purchases. He is the real deal with his exclusive purchases.

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