50 Cent Responds To Estranged Son Says He’s Being Manipulated

50 Cent has responded to his 26 year-old son’s request for a sit down and says that Marquise Jackson is being manipulated.

50 Cent’s estranged son made this request in an interview where he requested a meeting with his father, 50 Cent, to discuss living expenses.

In his words, “understand each other a little better” and “repair the situation.”

Jackson has argued that the $6700 monthly child support payment from 50 Cent is insufficient to support his standard of living.

50 Cent stated in an interview with The Breakfast Club program that he doesn’t think his son’s request is sincere and believes he is being manipulated.

50 Cent responded, “No, he doesn’t [want a reunion]. Charlamagne, you would call me, right? You don’t call TMZ to say you want to sit down and talk. He wants some attention, and that’s fine, he can have all the attention he wants.”

He continued, “What you heard him say in that interview, that’s what he’s been taught to believe for a long time. He doesn’t stand up and say, ‘Oh, I don’t believe what I’ve always believed.’ When I said he’s entitled, it’s actually his mother’s entitlement that has trickled down.”

Originally, 50 Cent had proposed a yearly salary of $500,000 to his ex-partner Shaniqua Tompkins.

She declined, and the rapper filed a lawsuit as a result. The judge there decreased the offer, leaving it at $6,700 per month (about 81 thousand dollars a year).
“I told her I was giving her half a million dollars a year. At that point, she still

took her to child support. You don’t usually sign child support; I took me to child support because she wasn’t understanding that I’m already giving her more than she’s supposed to get.”

The rapper also noted that, he does not have the “pressure or resentment that men feel with child support,” because he wants to take care of his children.”

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