“A Man From Niger Republic Was Caught Renting Weapons To Katsina Bandits” -Ex-Army Spokesman

A former spokesman of the Nigerian Army,Gen. Sani Usman (rtd.), has made revelations concerning the roles of foreigners in the insecurity plaguing the country. Speaking on AIT News, Usman shared the story of a Nigerien man who settled in Katsina State to aid bandits.
Sharing the story, Usman said, “There are conflict entrepreneurs who are gaining from the insecurity.” When the governor of Zamfara State urged citizens to arm themselves, I questioned where they would get the money as an average AK-47 rifle costs N800,000 to N1,000,000. The average person can not afford it. However, there are people with money, and these are the people who see insecurity as a business. And they get the arms and ammunition for them. I recall the story of a foreigner, a Nigerien.
He continued, “The Nigerien settled in a community, and overtime he brought highly sophisticated weapons, and he would sometimes loan them out to criminals to commit atrocities.” People marveled when security forces intercepted him and discovered the arms and ammunition he had stockpiled. These are examples of the nonchalant attitude of people.

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