Actress Laide Bakare’s 13-year-old daughter gifts brother Benz on ninth birthday

Yoruba actress, Laide Bakare, has celebrated her son, Damy, who turned nine years old on Tuesday.

Still in the celebration mode, the actress’ 13-year-old daughter, Simi, gave the celebrant a Mercedes Benz as his birthday gift.

Simi had asked her mother to buy her brother a car with her (Simi’s) allowance, the actress revealed on Wednesday.

Sharing a picture of the car, Laide wrote on her Instagram page, “From a 13-year-old Simi To her nine year-old brother, Dammy.

“I’m blessed indeed. Aliamdulilai for everything. Love lives in my house. I don’t hunt for it anymore. Allah be praised always #youngestbillionaire.”

Watch video below:

The actress recently got her third luxury car, a Mercedes Benz, in one month.

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