Armed fulani Terrorists have Declared Awar on Igboland – HURIWA ALLEGES:

Prominent civil rights Advocacy Group- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) says the sudden upsurge in the bloody attacks of communities in Enugu South East of Nigeria is a declaration of war in Igboland just as the Rights group said the symbolism of attacking Enugu, political regional headquarters of Igboland of a sudden and in staccato format is a strategic message by armed Fulani terrorists to Ndigbo signalling the beginning of a full blown war which must be confronted by all South Eastern Religious, traditiknal and political leaders.

HURIWA condemns the refusal of the heads of all the security formations in Enugu to arrest the perpetratorsbof these incessant and well coordinated violent war directed at the people of Ebor, Eha-Amufu community in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State which was for the umpteenth time hit massively on Sunday by the same armed marauding Fulani bandits probably commissioned by Miyetti Allah cattle sellers association in association with Fulanibelements working deep inside of the Federal government headed by the Fulani Ethnic leader Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

HURUWA quoting security sources stated that the invaders who outnumbered the soldiers and local vigilantes, launched the vicious attack on early Sunday morning, adding that several people were killed.
“As I speak to you, we are combing bushes in search of the bodies of those killed. I can’t tell now the exact number of people killed. “From the report I received, the armed herdsmen and their collaborators from Benue State communities launched the attack around 5:30 am to 6 am this Sunday morning. Before we got there, several people have been killed. “We are just a few soldiers here and where we are based is a little bit far from the community. There are no other security operatives from other security agencies here in Eha-Amufu helping except the local vigilantes. They (vigilantes) first engaged them but the invading armed herdsmen outnumbered them,” a security source said.

Also the Rights group quoting the media statd that a community leader, who gave his name as Ogbuabor Samuel, confirmed the attack thus: “As I speaking to you, the invading armed herdsmen are still shooting. Several people have been killed, at least we have recovered the bodies of 10 people.”

HURIWA pointed out that the community leader blamed the local government chairman, whom he described as playing politics with the lives of Eha-Amufu because of the 2023 general elections saying furyjer thus: “The chairman of the Isi-Uzo local government area is playing politics with our lives. He didn’t want to tell the governor the true facts of what is happening in our community. He is not supporting the local vigilantes and other local security. “A few weeks ago, he dissolved all the local vigilantes formed by Eha-Amufu communities yet he hardly visit the affected communities. We need the government to declare a security emergency in Eha-Amufu, especially in Ebor, Umujiovu, Mgbuji and Agu-Amede communities. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should do something drastic. His government should stop politicising the situation in our place. They should stop fabricating stories that our people are collaborating in our situations. That is a fallacy and diverts attention from the real issues. Agala people in Benue State have joined forces with armed herdsmen attacking and killing our people every day. They have sacked several villages and occupied them. They have destroyed our people’s livelihood. Properties worth millions have been destroyed and those in political positions in Enugu State are playing politics with it? Since these recent attacks started in October, we haven’t seen policemen. You can only see police if their commissioner is coming to witness the destruction. And when the commissioner goes back to Enugu, he starts dishing out false narratives. Where are the tactical squad and operational assets of the police he told Nigerians through the media that he had deployed to Eha-Amufu?We want to know who the security agencies in Enugu State are protecting their interest. The invading armed herdsmen? Could it be that the security chiefs in Enugu State are in the state to give cover to armed herdsmen?”

TheRights group through the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko lamented that the previous attack on Ebor and Umujiovu communities on December 8, 2022, claimed 25 lives but the Enugu State Police Command told the media that only four people were killed even as the Rights group quoting insider intelligence stayed that after that very attack, because it was inside Eha-Amufu town, people fled their homes. So many of them ran to neighbouring communities in Ebonyi State and some to the Enugu capital. So many have been forced into Internally Displaced Persons’ abodes.

HURIWA condemns this attack as despicable, reprehensible, and totally primitive just as the Rights group has repeated her call on the Chief of Army Staff to dismiss the General Officer Commanding 82 division of the Army in Enugu Major General Umar Musa for apparently not doing enough to stave off these attacks because the attackers now having upper hands and getting active support and weapons from powerful forces in Abuja are from the same Fulani Ethnicity just as the HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA said tje continuous terror and mass murders in Enugu are taking place successfully because the security agencies are compromised and are working in cohort with the terrorists.

HURIWA said: ” We are appealing to World leaders and Igbos in diaspora to use their extensive contacts to expose the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for standing by and do nothing whilst terrorists sharing same Ethnicity with him and wreaking havoc and unleashing massive deaths of Innocent Igbonpeoplebin their ancestral homes. HURIWA alternatively is demanding that every adult without blemish or without any criminal case should be allowed to bear AK-47 to wade off these terrorists and their daredevil agenda since Government at the centre that controls the military and police seems to have compromised the security and wellbeing of Igbo people.”

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