Bello Turji Set 23 Travellers Including A Pregnant Lady Ablaze In Sokoto, He’s Now Repented – Bulama

Human Rights lawyer Bulama Bukarti has reacted after Zamfara state government announced that Bello Turji, a notorious Nigerian terrorist and bandit terrorising Northern Nigeria particularly the North Western States has embraced the amnesty program put in place by the state government. You may recall that on Sunday, the deputy governor of Zamfara state, Hassan Nasiha said Bello Turji has repented and has decided to embrace peace.

He said Bello Turji is now killing unrepentant bandits who unleashed terror in some local government areas of the state.

This latest development has however led to several reactions among Nigerians with popular human rights lawyer, Bulama Bukarti saying Bello Turji has not paid for the atrocities he committed in the past.

He said the last mass atrocity that Bello Turji was part of when he was still involved in his heinous crimes, was setting 23 passengers including a pregnant woman ablaze in Sokoto but, he has now repented as he is helping the state government in the fight against banditry.

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