Breathing in fresh air for a healthy body.

let us begin with a little breathing exercise. Breathe in hold- breathe out. What environment are you at? How fresh is the air you are breathing? Now do not get it twisted that fresh air is some artificial oil difused within your environment or location.

No that is wrong. Fresh air typically is the air outside as opposed to the air bouncing within a confinement. Another meaning is that fresh air is that air filled with oxygen.

It is air that does not have dirt lurcking in it. Fresh air is the unpolluted air in an environment however not everyone is fortunate enough to be in such places.

In enclosed spaces air loses oxygen and that is one reason fresh air is advisable to get. What happens due to lack of oxygen in the air? Fatigue and concentration loss can set in. Hence fresh air which means oxygen in it when we breathe simply implies better mood as we exhale from our lungs stale air.
What does science have to say about this? In Korea, doctors did a test that looked at 43 elderly women who were stent out into nature take a walk, while another set of 19 elderly women were sent out to walk through the town.

What did the results show? The before and after results revealed lower blood pressure in those who walked in nature, whereas those who walked inside the town showed no difference.
Again similar to the aforementioned,a study in Japan affirmed that taking walks through flora and fauna;flowers and greenery of nature, is beneficial for body and soul.This reduces blood pressure, stress hormones and balanced heart rate.

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