“Burna Boy Sent For Me Thrice, Signaled His Men To Start Shooting” – Married Woman Breaks Silence

The married woman who was allegedly accosted by Burnaboy and also had her partner shot in the process has taken to her social media page to narrate her side of the story for the first time.

The lady who seemed to be traumatized said that she was finally able to speak up after taking time out to heal and process the incident.

According to her, she and her partner were visiting Nigeria from America and London for their childhood friend’s wedding on the 8th of June 2022.

Around 3 am, they went to Cubana Club and were having fun in the VIP section.

One of Burna Boy’s friends came to where they were and told her that Burna Boy wanted to talk to her. She declined, telling him that she is not interested, and she is a married woman. Burna Boy’s friend came back the second time, she declined.

It was the third time that made her friend react, telling Burna Boy’s friend to stop coming for her. This resulted into a fight and the club security were able to settle it at first.

Everyone was slowly going back to their seat when two of Burna Boy’s friends sprung up another fight.

The lady said that they started shooting after receiving some kind of signal from Burna Boy.

Her partner and his friend were shot with both needing urgent medical care.

A bullet hit her partner’s head, and his friend was shot in the thigh, leaving them hospitalized.

She added that one of her friends tried to get Burnaboy to calm the situation, but he only laughed at him and proceeded to get in his car whilst being protected by his security.

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