Canadian University Strikes Out Nigeria’s Name From List of Countries That Must Present Proof of English Test

The University of Alberta, Canada has removed Nigeria’s name from the list of countries that must present proof of English test.

This followed a request made in writing by Dr Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi , a Nigerian academic based in Canada.

Now, Nigerians seeking admission into the school will not have to border about English language tests
Dr Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a Nigerian academic based in Canada wrote a letter to the University of Alberta requesting that Nigeria be removed from countries that have to present proof of English test before admission.

His request was granted as Nigerian students seeking admission into the school henceforth will not need an English test.

Full waiver
Although the University of Alberta previously recognised some Nigerian schools whose students do not need an English test, Dr Igbalajobi’s request saw the school granting a full waiver.
It is almost a standard practice in many foreign schools to ask for proof of English Language proficiency from students for who English is not the first language.

The noble efforts of Dr. Igbalajobi have drawn accolades from many Nigerians.

Test not necessary
In a separate chat with , Dr Igbalajob said the rule was not proper since English is Nigeria’s official language. He also argued that children in Nigeria are taught in English from elementary school, hence the demand was not necessary.
He said:

“From my own lens of equality, diversity, and inclusion, this is just unfair. Nigeria is an English-speaking country and the mode of instruction from the elementary to the tertiary institutions is in English. Subjecting applicants to another round of English tests is annoying. The financial constraints have also prevented a lot of applicants from a shot to most of these universities.”

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