Don’t Be Fooled By APC Northern Govs’ Endorsement of a Southern Candidate. See Why!

By Luka Binniyat

(This is my personal opinion as any citizen is entitled to and not that of any group, please kindly note)

I laugh at those sucked in by the cleverly crafted ruse dished out by the Northern Governors endorsement of a Southern presidential candidate of their party, APC.

The last thing in the minds of these men, including Kaduna State’s master of deception, is the emergence of a Southern President.

No way!

Now, if the APC fields a Northern candidate, that will make the North have three formidable presidential candidates. Yes! – because Rabiu Kwankwaso, who has a cult following in Kano, Jigawa, northern Kaduna, and other places in Arewa north, is the assured presidential candidate of the NNPP.

Abubakar Atiku, who is Fulani from Adamawa state, is the PDP’s flag bearer already.

Peter Obi, who is immensely popular in the Middle and the South is the Presidential candidate of the rather ‘dwarfish’ Labour Party. As at now, many who love Peter Obi are unhappy that he didn’t slug it out with the mega dollar aspirants of the PDP. But today, Obi is the reason for that “patriotic” and “exemplary” move of these governors.

Should the APC pick a Northern candidate it will revulse the Middle Belt, the South East, the South South and the South West. Power, in the thinking of folks from these zones ought return to the South, most appropriately, to a Christian.

Now the APC Northern Governors have read this danger. So they have washed themselves clean in the eyes of the unsuspecting Middle Belt and the South.

And hey will do everything humanly possible to ensure that Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, who is likely to defeat Atiku in the 2023 polls, did not get the ticket of ruining party, sorry! – I mean, the ruling party. They will pick Asiwaju Tinubu who Atiku will rout before 11am on election day. Tinubu looks medically unfit for the job and has integrity issues. Mark my words! Tinubu is the “preferred” candidate of Buhari. It is the Jagaban that will be on the ballot.

Buhari and his northern governors know that the in new Electoral Act, the campaign period has been stretched to 15O days before general elections.

If you leave three Northern Presidential candidates to contest against Peter Obi, that stretch of time is enough for the Obi team to mobilise funds and supporters and the Labour party will become a behemoth. It will become too big for the PDP and the APC to stop. The South and the Middle Belt will ensure it.

An alliance of electorates from the 13 Middle Belt States and the South will be an easy win for the former Anambra State governor.

If the APC puts a Muslim Arewa candidate for presidency, Peter Obi will inexorably become President and that’s an armaggedon the Arewa north, especially those northern governors do not want to imagine.

It’s better that power remains with the Fulani for more consolidation of whatever agenda Arewa north has started in 2015.

The Arewa elite are not ready to part with power. It serves them better that one of them controls the lever of power and it doesn’t matter which party he comes from.

Nkwame Nkrumah must have had them in mind when he said, “give me the Kingdom of power and all other things will be shall be added into me.”

So don’t be fooled.

It’s all for Atiku.

LUKA BINIYAT is a journalist in Kaduna

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