Genocide: HURIWA to Southern Kaduna: – where are your Generals?

*Accuses government of complicity:

Condemning the massive terrorist attacks of Kagoro by armed Fulani terrorists, in Kaura local government council of Kaduna State and several other Southern Kaduna Christian Communities, a prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group:- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has called on Southern Kaduna born military Generals and prominent citizens of the zone living all over the World to act now to stave off the genocide.

HURIWA which strongly condemned the unending but well funded terror attacks targeting Christians that dominate Southern Kaduna State has similarly charged the people with the wherewithal and capacity to make impacts not to remain passive whilst the cocktails of genocide and organized violence are unleashed on their vulnerable population. “These long drawn and well oiled Ethnic cleansing of the diverse natives of Southern Kaduna won’t stop if those who can match the aggressors gun-for-gun, bombs-for-bombs do not make their presence noticed. There is a general climate of triumphant superiority by these aggressors who are actually armed by powerful people in government or are allowed to import weapons of mass destruction from Niger, Chad and Libya for the purposes of decimating the Christians in Southern Kaduna and taking over their ancestral lands. The time to act is now to stop further attacks or are all the prominent Southern Kaduna people bought over by government?”

In a media statement by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, HURIWA said it is simply amounts to self-destruction should southern Kaduna citizens with the training, exposures and resources to protect their ancestral homes, sit by abroad and watch as their people are massacred with the active support through passivity of all governments in Nigeria.

Blaming the Kaduna State administration for deliberately failing to stop the targeted attacks in Southern Kaduna, HURIWA said the terrorists attacking Christians in Southern Kaduna are actually not doing the bidding for Fulani Moslems who live side-by-side with their host communities in Southern Kaduna, but may likely be working for powerful forces in the Federal government that are out to destroy the vast areas of landed assets principally occupied by mostly native Indigenous tribes who are Christians by religious persuasion and are basically in to arable farming which is now being threatened and systematically the populace are facing assets stripping.”

HURIWA stated thus: “We have for seven years asked the Federal government to stop these genocides and bring the perpetrators to justice but it is now clear that government is complicit.”

HURIWA recalled that well over 28 persons were killed on Sunday in fresh attacks on Southern Kaduna.

The Rights group recalled that the attacks took place in Malagum 1 and Sokwong communities of Kagoro Chiefdom in the Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State just as newsreport says the Council Chairman, Mr Mathias Siman, the Kaura local government council chairman, told reporters while confirming the incident on Monday, said he could only confirm seven people were gruesomely killed in Sokwong Community.

HURIWA recalled that the Sunday attacks came about five days after about three persons were killed by unknown gunmen in Malagum 1 village even as the council chairman also confirmed that in the Sokwong community, the houses were completely razed down by the attackers, explaining that he was yet to ascertain the number of those killed in Malagum 1.

Quoting media report, HURIWA stayed that the council chairman stated thus: “I urge the residents in the area to remain calm as security agencies are being deployed to carry out investigation in the area and ensure the perpetrators of the deadly attack are made to face the full wrath of the law.”

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