How DSS Attacked Our House In Mpape, Abuja At 2am With Wrong Tracker – A Lady Reported

DSS attacked my house early this morning by 2AM on 27th August 2022. Yes you read it right, “ATTACKED”.

I stay in Mpape Abuja and my house was attacked by the DSS. They acted like criminals by banging on the gate and when asked who they were, they refused to identify or speak.

We didn’t open the gate because we thought they were criminals. They (DSS) broke the wall of the gate and gained entrance into the house. They marched on us with their boots, hitting us with their guns. My friends Lips is broken and still bleeding.

My other friends ribs is very sore she still can’t move, my next door neighbor’s head is broken and currently been sown in the pharmacy.

The treated us like criminals. Made us sit on the cold floor by 3AM, seized our phones. They said their tracker led them to the house, and refused saying exactly what they were looking for. Our street Security interfered trying to know what was happening but they were not given any attention.

They left us outside in the cold night till 4AM. Their person with the tracker came and told them that the tracker was pointing to a different direction. That was when they released the girls first.

It was at this point that we found out that they were DSS from ABIA STATE. They left the house and went to a different direction, that was after they caused all these harms to us.

They (DSS) returned our phones by 7AM. No apologies rendered whatsoever. I’m really heartbroken and traumatized.

Imagine if they had shot at us with their guns as they threatened . And we were innocent.

The Department of State services (DSS) did this to us!!

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