How Lagos bank cashier saved a 64-year-old customer from N600,000 fraud- SP Hundeyin

How Lagos bank cashier saved a 64-year-old customer from N600,000 fraud- SP Hundeyin

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, has revealed how a bank cashier saved a 64-year-old customer from withdrawing N600,000 which she intended to hand over to fraudsters over fear of death.

Narrating the incident, SP Hundeyin said, “Yesterday at about 1550hrs, a bank cashier noticed that a 64-year-old customer was fidgety, receiving repeated calls and was in a hurry to withdraw N600,000. The cashier asked what the problem was and the woman said she would die if she talked.

“Police officers from Ogudu Division were quickly contacted. Of the three fraudsters waiting outside, Uche Awaize ‘m’ aged 45 and Osadebe Aigbe ‘m’ aged 35 were arrested. The third suspect bolted.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects had first collected N90,000 from the woman. Effort is on to arrest the other gang member.

“PS: Let’s leave their faces open this time so that previous victims can identify & testify against them, and maybe recover their money”

One Egboka Victory explained that his elder sister believed the same when she encountered the same scam in 2017.

“She had returned home in the night after giving them over 200k she picked from mom’s home safe, and right there in our living room still saying, “if I talk, I will die,” he said.

According to one Whitneywhite, “That’s how I was scammed last month too with a sum of 49k, it was phone hypnotism and I paid into access bank of Tunde alabi too…it was supposed to be 49k and 50k but was called before I made the second transaction,I think it was a planned work…this is terrifyingly real.”

A Nurse, simply identified as methyldopa, applauded the efforts of the police.

In her words: “You have done well good job your swift response is applauded, but please don’t blur or cover anybody’s pics henceforth this is the first time you are showing the faces of suspects and names, endeavor to show faces of people from other tribe cos we need a safe and peaceful lagos.”

Sharing her encounter, Felicity Borle said, “Similar thing happened to me few years back. To the extent I even travelled To Abia state where I haven’t been before to withdraw the last 120 k for dem . Total money they took from me was 635k . That was the worst experience ever.”

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