HURIDE: Outrage as Abuja-based lawyer, politician rapes 12-yr-old girl in Ebonyi

A civil society organisation, the Human Rights Defenders (HURIDE), has said that it is championing the prosecution of an Abuja based legal practitioner, Barr Kelechi Opoke, for allegedly raping a 12year old girl in Abakaliki.

According to a statement made available to this medium Sunday morning, signed by HURIDE Chairman, Ebonyi State, Sampson Oko Nweke, Opoke allegedly committed the atrocious act on July 6 after the girl, who is his mother’s tenant, helped him to charge his phone in her apartment.

The statement reads: “The 12year old girl (name withheld) and her mother are tenants in the house owned by Barr Kelechi’s mother. The house is located around Haraca junction, Abakaliki Ebonyi State.

“Barr Opoke is said to be living in Abuja but frequents Abakaliki. In all his comebacks to Abakaliki, he normally stays in his mother’s compound around the Haraca junction, where the victim and her mother also lives.

“In the afternoon of the fateful date (Wednesday, 6th July 2022), the little girl had returned from school when Barr Opoke gave her a phone to help him charge in the girl’s apartment. Both Kelechi and the little girl are from Izzi land of Ebonyi State.

“Shortly after that, Barr Kelechi went knocking on her door in the guise that he had come to collect his phone. So, as the unsuspecting girl opened door to see who was knocking, Barr Kelechi dashed into the room, swooped down on the girl, tore her wears and devoured her sexually in a most inhumane manner.”

He added: “Barr Kelechi Opoke, after the alleged sexual assault on the child dropped for her, a bottle of RC coke and a note of #1,000. He also promised to buy her a phone and to give her a cash of #5,000 if she did not tell her mother. He was said to have threatened to kill her if she dares tell her mother of what happened.

“Soaked in her blood on their bed, the little girl, amidst fear and shame refused to come outside until her mother came back from market and met her crying on their bed, conspicuously soaked in blood. Her mother inquired to know what had happened and the child opened up and narrated how it all happened between her and Barr Kelechi Opoke . The mother wept bitterly and reached out for help.

“In the evening of the said date, some security operatives came to arrest the lawyer but on sighting them, he raced like a rabbit but was given a very hot chase by the gallant security men and was successfully apprehended and bundled into the trunk of a security van.

“The embattled randy lawyer tried unsuccessfully to put up some defence but ended up contradicting and indicting himself the more. The lawyer is still in custody and will be arraigned as soon as all investigation avenues are satisfactorily exhausted.

“Series of medical screenings have been conducted on both the little girl and the randy lawyer. However, some test results are out while some are being awaited. All the available results are in agreement with the child’s teary account.

“HURIDE condemns in strong terms the wanton violation of such a minor by a know legal pundit of Barr Opoke’s standing. Therefore, HURIDE, GBV Team, NHRC, HRCRC and other partnering CSOs in Ebonyi State and beyond are strongly interested in the matter will ensure it is followed to its logical and transparent conclusion. Special thanks to Barr Faithvin Nwanchor and Barr Nneka Akam.

“All we want is unsullied justice with no trace of compromise. Anyone or group that contemplates compromise or aims at lobbying for same, does that at own risk as we will expose such ugly moves and unmask the faces behind it.”

Source: Glonat Newsonline

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