I am not scaring anybody, the amount one person stole is about 15% of hhat ASUU needs – Datti Ahmed

The Vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Datti Baba-Ahmed while featuring on the Channels Television’s Political Paradigm said that the amount a corrupt official stole is about 15% of what ASUU needs. Datti Ahmed said,

“I can tell you one of the changes that will happen. I think today the dollar exchange for 730 Naira plus, it is fast reaching that number. The salary of the police and the army. The salary of nearly every public servant is fast becoming a joke, cannot take you across. Before Christmas expect a new hike in petroleum product prices. I’m not scaring anybody please. But this is reality.

“Diesel and everything will go up and before Christmas expect very long queues. Now, we should know from data past, that insecurity correlates with cost of living. Even the ransoms collected have correlated with inflation. ASUU is still on strike for godsake, the amount involved in just one individuals corrupt case is about 15% of the money that ASUU needs. If that individual had not stolen the money. The government was able to pass that money to ASUU. We will be on course, our children will be in school by now.”

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