I have four degrees and aspiring to complete my doctorate before 40, says Sandra Iheuwa

She represents perseverance, determination, passion, dedication, tenacity, and she is a lot of women building their lives brick after brick after each storm. She is the untiring and virtuous entrepreneur, Iheuwa Sandra Ifeoma, better known as Sandra Iheuwa.

One noticeable and common trait with human beings is that they are so forgetful. Life has communicated in many relatable ways, but humans often choose not to remember. The journey of life is full of “ups and downs”, and they nod in agreement when this is echoes to their ears. But the same people are quickly to judge victims of the reality.

Sandra Iheuwa may have experienced a number of complications in her marriages, but she continues to forge ahead with grit and adding value as a shrewd entrepreneur. Many have failed in one way before to the level that some people just lose their sense of existence. But through everything, Iheuwa Sandra Ifeoma’s dark cloud always ends up with a silver lining.

The accomplished business leader, who calls herself “Odogwu Nwanyi”, was a former staff of the Bank of America, where she worked as a Senior Operations Associate, a position she rose to through hard work without a degree. However, she currently has four degrees and aspiring to complete her doctorate before the age of 40.

“School isn’t a scam. Despite my years in business I’m also a graduate with four degrees, 2 A.S, 1 B.Sc and 1 Masters. I won the business strategy game amongst other graduate students,” Sandra Iheuwa wrote on her Instagram page..

Containing, she said, “I worked for one of the largest banks in America (Bank of America) as a Senior Operations Associate I believe I was about 20 yrs old then with no degree till today I don’t know how I pulled that off my hustle didn’t start today o. Well I’m thinking of getting my Ph.d done before I’m 40 yrs old.”

Beyond the stories regarding her on social media is her valiance and exploits in business. Years ago, Sandra Iheuwa started a distinctive cross-border business in which her Ella Shipments and Logistics, a Cargo and Freight Company, provides services to Nigerians sending local edibles like Ponmo and Kilishi to the United States and United Kingdom.

Everything Iheuwa touches turns to gold. Ella Logistics currently has eight branches in Nigeria. The idea, which started in the corner of a cubicle, has grown to presence in five states, including in the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Abuja, and expanding to the north, where she just unveiled a branch of the business in Kano located at Block B, No 11, Hamisu Abba Sumaila Plaza, Tarauni Market Road.

Sandra Iheuwa’s Ella Rose Luxury Collection, a fashion outlet that deals in wholesale and retail shopping/ sales of fine classy handbags, is highly demanded across the country. She facilitates the online merchandise with timely delivery through Ella Logistics.

Source: The Guardian

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