Ikpeazu is Hosting Gowon not Otti.

Since my Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and the PDP governorship candidate, Chief Okey Ahaiwe were thoroughly defeated in the just concluded Senatorial and Governorship elections respectively, some of the governor’s appointees who didn’t believe that the duo of Ikpeazu and Ahaiwe could be defeated, have simply gone bananas. It still looks like a bad dream that is about to end, unfortunately for them, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality that continues to gladden the hearts of millions of Abians who have lived in political servitude and undeserved slavery for over two decades now.

A day hardly passes without them churning out one infantile hogwash directed at the governor-elect, sadly, such puerile pieces of propaganda have continued to expose their emotional vulnerability and subject them to public ridicule.

Just a few hours ago, the Leadership of “Nigerian Prays” a Christian Prayer Group founded by former Military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Abia state Chapter, issued a notice of its planned Prayer Programme scheduled for Sunday 23rd April 2023. In the release, many dignitaries were listed as guests. While Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was listed as Chief Host, the Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti was to receive Special Prayers.

Sadly, Ikpeazu’s boys went to town with all kinds of hate induced lies alleging that Gowon was coming to pray and inaugurate Dr. Otti, and went ahead to bring up the issue of Late Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi’s death and the role of Gowon.

If one may ask; why would the Governor-Elect invite Gen. Gowon to come and pray for him, when he was not even aware of the said programme until his invitation as a guest was brought to his attention?

How could Gen. Gowon be coming to inaugurate Otti on the 23rd of April when his inauguration as governor is supposed to happen on the 29th of May 2023?

Well, no one should be surprised, after all, these same characters were audacious enough to lie against the Catholic Bishop of Aba Diocese and Father Mbaka respectively , both of whom they claimed had endorsed their Guber Candidate Okey Ahaiwe during the campaigns, claims that turned out to be false.

Unlike them that assumed the place of God, and boasted with so much arrogance that Otti will never be governor, we would like to remind them, with humility, that, though Otti has been unanimously chosen by Abians to serve them as their governor, yet, we do not consider his victory as an opportunity to mock or humiliate these angry propagandists, even though they pride themselves as PDP political bandits, and thus deserve to be mocked and humiliated for mocking God and humiliating Abians unjustly.

May I humbly remind these disillusioned brethren that, anyone who does the job of opposition out of Malice, or for purpose of Economic Survival, can never withstand trials and tribulations. It would just be a matter of time before such a person gasses out.

May I also remind them that mere wishes don’t cause the failure of a leader, rather, his actions and inactions are what determine his success or failure.

The Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti came prepared and determined to succeed, and thus will do everything humanly possible to meet and surpass the expectations of Abians who repose so much trust and confidence in him. Wishes of failure by angry Ikpeazu’s men have no effect whatsoever.

We want the outgoing governor Okezie Ikpeazu and his team to play the noble role of opposition, because it would help deepen democracy and engender scrutiny where and when necessary, unfortunately, the outgoing government wore the apparel of invisibility while it held sway, and never believed that Abians existed. Therefore, they never contemplated or ever imagined being in opposition, hence they lack the temperament, the comportment and the knowledge and patience required to do the job of opposition.

It therefore becomes necessary to recommend that these guys go for a Crash Course on Effective Opposition, else, they would embarrass Ikpeazu and expose him to what he may not be able to withstand after he must have left office.

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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