Imo Attacks : Before We All Die

By James Okoroma

The current high level of destruction of lives and properties in Imo State has become worrisome and can no longer be condoned.
Before we all die, it is compelling for us to collectively seek a solution to these attacks which now pose a major threat to our lives and economic survival.
Today in Imo , we find ourselves in a season of anomy in which anybody’s life can be snuffed out at any time, and nothing will happen.
As Imo people, it is neither in our character nor in our tradition to shed our brother’s blood no matter the level of provocation. How did we get here. How did we get to a point where what happens to our brothers no longer matters to us?
The gory details and pictures emanating from the attacks at Ikenga Ugochinyere’s Country home indicate that as long as the current security situation in Imo continues, we are all in danger.
From 1976 when Imo was created till 2020, we never witnessed this unacceptable level of destruction.
We must all rise and plead for calm in the interest of our children and their future. If we destroy ourselves, the enemies of the Igbo Nation would dance on our graves . We must calm frayed nerves and have a meeting of minds on all the issues in contention.
Governor Hope Uzodinma does not own Imo alone. Also, no one individual owns Imo. Therefore, all of us would lose if Imo goes under.
State and non-State Actors must sit down and put all the contentious issues on the table for amicable resolution.
The young men who are angry about all the contradictions of the Nigerian State, deserve to be angry like all of us, but everyone must know that violence has never been a solution to any conflict.
Throughout history, no war has ever ended on the battlefield. Those issues that lead men to war, have always been resolved outside the confines of the war front.
These attacks must stop before we all die.

Dr. Okoroma wrote from Akabor, Ahiazu Mbaise In Imo State.

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