Jubilation as Crowd Rescue Trapped Keke Rider at Owerri Road by Tarzan Junction, Onitsha

By Faith Onyemuche (ABS Reporter)

It was a moment of jubilation this morning as crowd unitedly rescued a Keke rider trapped under a fallen vehicle.

ABS correspondent Faith Onyemuche who witnessed the scenario reports that a heavy duty vehicle fully loaded with soft drink at about 8:30am this morning fell on a keke rider and wheelbarrow pusher though the barrow pusher managed to escape.

People immediately gathered, unloaded the contents which lasted for about 15minutes and luckily rescued the trapped Keke rider.

According to the Keke rider who was seen jubilating and thanking the crowd.
He was the only one trapped in the keke as the passengers were quick to escape.

However some persons took advantage of the situation to cart away some of the items before the intervention of security personnel who helped to curtail the situation.

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