Muslim –Muslim ticket is targeted to divide us-: HURIWA MAINTAINS:

The decision of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a Muslim to nominate a running mate who is also a Muslim and someone whose role as Borno State governor is suspiciously linked to the formation of boko haram terrorists is highly dubious, divisive and deceptive. We make bold to repeat that the reason for this unconstitutional is purely a political gimmick to divert the attentions of the collective of Nigerians from the core issue of abysmal failure of governance that has characterised this government in the last 7 years. Senator Tinubu and Senator are aware that the positioning of sane faith candidacy for the President of Nigeria is unconstitutional but because they lack the political conviction and the moral wherewithal to embark on the Presidential campaign at the back of the monumental failure that their current All Progressives Congress controlled federal government unleashed on Nigeria and thereby throwing over 100 hundred million Nigerians into absolute poverty. So they then decided that the only issue that could divert attention of Nigerians ftom their crushing economic situation is to play the religious card. This is the reason behind this illegality of same faith candidacy by the All Progressives Congress. Nigerians must be told that this is the fundamental reason for this sweeping violations of section 14(3) of the 1999 constitution on the obligatory demand for FEDERAL CHARACTER PRUNCIPLES IN APPOINTMENTS.

However, as stated earlier, the goal of APC’S SAME FAITH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY FOR 2023 POLL is to foist confusion in Nigeria and split the Country into religious camps since the All Progressives Congress as a party currently in power has failed in all dimensions. The fear of constructive campaigns by APC is the fundamental reason that gave rise to this unnatural choice of Muslim-Muslim ticket and nothing more. Tinubu who packaged the intellectually porous Muhammadu Buhari and sold to Nigeria to become the president in 2015 knows that he has no justification for his callous, wicked, and terrible mistake of 2015 and so the only item that could divert attention is for APC to bring up a very cantankerous Muslim-Muslim ticket to drown out any possibility of Nigerians demanding accountability and clarity, regarding the blueprints of the same party that deceived Nigerians in 2015,2019 and due to crass misgovernance has virtualled derailed economic growth. So the HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) is asking Nigerians to demand accountability and transparency from the candidates, play small small on this vexatious issue of same faith candidacy so Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s gambit is exposed. This is the time to ask Senator Bolaji Ahmed Tinubu to tell Nigerians his real identity, his educational credentials and the sources of his incomes and wealth. Nigerians should also ask Senator Shettima about his role in the emergence of boko haram terrorists and the allegation that as governor he harboured a fugitive terror mastermind who bombed the Catholic Church in Madala near Abuja.

*Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko:

National Coordinator;


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