My curvy body, a blessing – Lorraine Lionheart

Popular United Kingdom-based Botswana artiste, Lorraine Lionheart, has said her curvy body is a blessing for her. The singer, who has been in Nigeria on several occasions to showcase her craft, said she has had fun experiences in different parts of the country.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “My curvy body is such a blessing; I cannot find anything negative honestly. God will slap me if I ever complain. I am one of His chosen ones to show off His unbelievable creativity and I am doing a damn good job. God is so happy with me. So, no disadvantages over here. In fact, the advantages increase every day.

“It’s hard to name one place in Nigeria I love because these cities have all given me an amazing feeling of home. I have had such a warm welcome in Calabar, Abuja, Lagos and Benin and I am now actually actively looking for charities and community projects to support in Nigeria so that I can also give back in some way.”

Speaking on why she is always in Nigeria to perform at ‘Felabration’ (an event in honour of the late Afrobeat singer, Fela Kuti), Lionheart said, “I can never miss ‘Felabration’. I only missed the 2020 pandemic edition. Fela has changed my life in many ways by just giving me the courage to be myself and be free to express my truth.

“He also taught me to love and embrace every part of Africa. I now have a Fela Kuti tattoo on my chest. I was just born a bit too late. If I was born during his time, I would have married him by fire by force. ‘Felabration’ is an important festival for African music. I am in the process of hosting my own ‘Felabration’ in the UK next year and I will still come to Lagos for the original one.”

The ‘Keke Napep’ singer said, “Love, sex and money, what comes first for me? Whichever that brings peace. The three of them can be stressful now and then. I guess any can come first; as long as I am depending on me to get them, then, there is peace. I give myself love, I perform sex on myself regularly and I make my own money.”

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