Nigerian actress, Foluke Daramola, has opened up about how her first marriage failed.

In a recent chat with TVC, Daramola revealed that she lost her virginity through rape.

Although she did not reveal who raped her, the actress said she started to lose interest in s3x and saw it as punishment.

The film star said her first husband didn’t bother about her take and wanted sexual intercourse every time.

She said the experience made it difficult to navigate a healthy sexual relationship with her former partner.

“I was raped, I lost my virginity through rape, so sex to me was punishment and the person I got married to wanted it every time,” she said.

“It felt like he was beating me, so the moment I’m going home, I’m always scared.”

Daramola also recalled how her ex-husband asked her to break her SIM card on their wedding night.

The film star said before marriage, she saw the red flags but ignored them because she wanted to get married due to peer pressure.

“When I wanted to enter my first marriage the signs were there, even though my partner was rushing me into the marriage,” she added.

“I was concerned that my friends were getting married, all the signs were there, anger issues, suspicion about who I’m talking with, and overlooked it.

Daramola began her acting career in 1998 and has since featured in several Nigerian movies.

In 2005, she got married but the marriage crashed after three years.

The actress later got married to Kayode Salako in 2013.

Their union is blessed with two children.

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