Olabisi, daughter of Lagos NURTW boss, KokoZaria, has heavily lashed out at her father in a post shared on her Instastory channel

Lagos NURTW boss, KokoZaria, has been called out on social media by his first-born daughter, Olabisi, in a post shared on her Instastory channel.

Without mincing her words, the young lady labelled her parent a ‘deadbeat’ dad, adding that everyone who knows him can attest to her claim.

Olabisi went on to accuse her dad of being wicked and cruel to her. According to her, his actions do not get to her anymore, but she expected him to have acted like her father for just once in his life.

In a different slide, the young lad mentioned how the NURTW boss only showed up after her mum mentioned that she had a close shave with death.
Olabisi maintained that her father hates her and she wished he never introduced her to the worldas his child. She accused Kokozaria of fooling people to believe that he caters for her welfare when he actually never did anything of such.

Kokozaria’s daughter added that she cannot divulge all that transpired between them, but she wants people to know that she no longer shares his surname.

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