On the Death of the “Little Davido”

I had earlier sent a text message to Davido comforting him on the death of his child. He needs all the sympathies, like any other person in like circumstance.

I have seen the debate on how far negligence contributed to the death, but because our people like to believe one thing and voice the opposite to appear considerate, humane, and even saintly, some did not want the negligent part of the death mentioned.

When I read such write-ups, it was easy to detect that they suffer from empty amplifications, deceptive analogies, and rhetorical tricks. Some are so skilled that even when they write nonsense, they end up effecting that catharsis of emotions natural to misfortune among their followers.

I do not know how to dissimulate facts and hereby align with those that sought to point out how negligence caused the death. We are not saying this for the dead, but for the living to take heed.

Having seen series of Davido’s child pictures, I am constrained to ask if he was a boy or a girl. Who else has observed that if we do not shout the utter rape of our values from the rooftops, the world of next 10 years will become another thing? If we let these overzealous children know that those experiments in vices had been encountered as civilization unfolded, they will realize that are just overseeing the atavistic throwback to old and superseded ways.

Bobrisky and co are cherishing the “fame” caused by inverted sartorial display and some people are clapping for them and inventing reasons why he/she should be left alone. Some are now emulating him. In Davido’s child, we saw the making of a Bobrisky from the cradle and we all are pretending not to notice it.

In the nineties, when the likes of Okocha, Amokachie, Kanu Nwankwo, Oliseh were on, I wrote copiously calling for management of fame. I used Okocha as an example of a fame well managed. Most of my write-ups were prompted by marriages to foreign wives and purchase of private jets by many of them. Where are they today?

Today, we live in a society where imprimatur are granted to most foolish acts of celebrities. This is why somebody like Tonto Dike does things that are indecently ridiculous to maintain her so called celebrity status. After the left leg she raised expired, she would raise the right one to attract attention. Have you heard the story of Alcibiades who cut off the admired tail of his dog so that people would talk about it, and they did. Most often celebrities do nonsense and the rest of us talk about it.

Yes, I understand that wealth is not new to him, but he should have became inured to it to flout it the way he does.

Now may not be the best time to publish this, but I am only interested in the lessons therein for the health of humanity.

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