Orji Kalu Gave Me 3million Loan when I lost Hope, And Made Me Successful In Bussiness – Chijioke Mba

In the course of raising millions of people out of poverty, the loans given to Nigerians by the Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation, is momentously yielding fruits as a recipient tells his story. Chijioke Mba, a native of Ohafia in Abia North Senatorial zone, but resides in Aba, said that the Orji Uzor Kalu’s loan has benefited his business.

Mba, who said he lost hope, when afflictions turned his business down, in his attempt to save the life of his father, who was diagnosed of prostrate cancer.

Chijioke said he spent all he had, just to keep his father alive. Following his death, it was difficult, according to him, to balance those he carried goods from, which resulted to him, seeking financial assistance that he was unable to get, until help came through Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation.

He said “I thank God in Heaven, for giving to us, Sen. Orji Kalu, the founder of the Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation. In 2020, I was doing well with the money my parents raised for me from the sales of land to start business. I was doing well in my business of selling building materials in Aba. Not until my father got sick and the doctor said it was prostrate cancer and that it was not diagnosed early enough.

“We started treatment to see how my father can survive. In 2021, the doctor recommended that we should take him for chemotherapy in UTH Ibadan. We did all the doctors told us to do but to the glory of God, my Father was unable to make it, he died after some sequence of the chemotherapy, may his Soul Rest In Peace.

“My business became unstable. I was not meeting up with those people that gave me goods. I started owing depth even before I could lay my father to rest. At the end of his burial, things were not the same again. I sold the goods left in my store to pay off those that gave me goods and because of my delays, they were reluctant to give me more goods.

“I needed capital to start all over again. I was told that Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation use to give loan, I did not believe it, not until my mother told me to give it a try. As for me, I did not know were to start from, my mother told me a friend of her’s said I should look for one Rev. Jemaimah Ola.

“Rev Jemaimah who is the Foundation Secretary, gave me listening ears, after much efforts to reach her, due to her busy schedule. As a woman of God, she told me that I should pray to God. That I should apply, so I applied just like others did”.

Mba went on to say that he graduated in 2018, as there was no job, his parents asked him to learn trade as he also expressed surprises on the assistance he got from Orji Kalu.

He said “I graduated from the federal University Of Technology Akure, in 2018. There was no job so my father advised me to learn a trade. In all my life, I have not seen a man like Orji Kalu, he gave me loan when I had lost hope, and made me successful again in my business.

“I was in the house when I got the call, I was told that am among those listed to be given loan by Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation. I could not believe my eyes, how was that possible? then I knew that God is still alive! That was how I got a loan of three million naira (#3,000,000.00), to use it and build my business.

“Am telling my story today with thanksgiving to God for giving to our generation a man like Orji Uzor Kalu. I don’t know him and have not even seen him in person, yet am enjoying his good gesture in my business.

“I am very stable now and as my business is growing, so will Orji Kalu grow in all his wishes. Orji Kalu should be well assured that my entire family, those that experienced what I went through and how he stepped in, and myself, are in total support of him in the coming elections.

“Even though am here in Aba, on the day of the elections, please, send my message to him that I’ll mobilize my people to return home and vote for him, our PVC is registered in Ohafia, That’s the best way I can show my gratitude for his kindness and the good work he has been doing in people’s life.” He added.

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