R. Kelly headed back to court retrial over assault of teen girl.

Prosecutors will get another chance in a retrial fourteen years after a jury exonerated R. Kelly in a high-profile child porn case.

The 55-year-old R&B artist is scheduled to appear in federal court in Chicago on Monday to begin what is essentially a retrial of his 2008 state trial, where the prosecution’s “Exhibit 1” was the disturbing video he made of himself urinating and sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

This time around, the victim is expected to take the stand.

R. Kelly also faces serious charges including conspiracy to obstruct justice by rigging the 2008 trial, paying off and threatening the victim to make sure she did not testify.

A Brooklyn federal court sentenced the former “I Believe I Can Fly” singer and symbol of ’90s pop stardom to 30 years in prison in June for a 2021 conviction on accusations that he sexually assaulted women and young girls and boys over decades.

The testimony by the 2008 victim who is now in her 30s and is only referred to as “Minor 1” in court documents, is anticipated to be key.

Kelly will also face charges of luring four other people into having sex with him when they were minors. All are expected to give testify as well.

Kelly is contesting his Brooklyn sentence, which could be extended by decades with additional convictions.

The same VHS film that was extensively displayed during the 2008 trial will be played by the prosecution at the federal trial in Chicago. There will be at least three further videos entered into evidence.

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