Re: I Was RAPED, Threatened and Forced To Carry DRUGS By Peter Obi ~ Chinenye Ezewuzie Confessed

Ordinarily, my boss would not want any of us to waste time on the above subject – a piece of nonsense. Indeed, it is not worth wasting time on, but for the fact that a few gullible ones among men and women of goodwill appear to be thinking there could not be smoke without fire.

How do we refute this nonsense? The fact is that it has refuted itself. At the end, the writer signed off thus: “Culled from the Sun Newspapers.” Anything published in the newspapers usually has a link. Where is the link to the Sun Newspapers that published it, so that people will visit it? No links at all, giving it out as a pure forgery.

Now, on the substance of the trash, let us start from the question of identity. The write up accused Mr. Peter Obi of using one 21-year-old Chinenye Ezenwuzie for drug trafficking in Peru. Miss Ezenwuzie is said to be from Agulu and worked in Next, Abuja. A simple check will show that there is no name like Chinenye among the Ezenwuzies of Agulu. It will also show that no such name ever worked in Next International. If you like, you may check by yourself, even though it does not worth it and is not recommended, otherwise the trash writer would secretly feel that he has got them at last or that some values have been placed in the nonsense he wrote.

The person that put up the write-up could have accused Mr. Peter Obi of what is believable as reading so much, always researching on the comparative place of Nigeria among other nations; he would have accused him of anything but not of womanizing. All the years we have worked with Mr. Obi, he never for one day left office to any guest house other than his house. He did not ever make any move suggestive of amorous dalliance. Saying he raped the said woman is almost placing a seal of unbelievability in the entire write-up.

On drug trafficking in Peru. Even before he became Governor, Obi had visited most parts of the world, but not Peru. Till today, he has still not visited the country.

Meanwhile, how would a Former Chairman and Director in many blue-chip companies and a Former Governor, traffic by proxy on cocaine worth just £1.5 million? Is this not a plain insult?

Please kindly disregard the entire write-up as a product of a sickly mind. Now is electioneering and it will benefit the parties to tell Nigerians what they will do if elected rather than sponsoring false write-ups such as this.

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