Senior lawyer, Usman warns Nigerians: Don’t come to Kaduna

“We have been encircled by bandits. Nowhere is safe again. Please tell Nigerians not to come to Kaduna‘- Ustaz Yunus Usman SAN

“Kaduna is not safe for anybody now, please. Don’t allow anybody, not even your enemy to come there”. These are the painful words of the fifth Senior Advocate from Northern Nigeria, Ustaz Yunus Usman, to the Publisher, Gavel International, Mustapha Ogunsakin, pleading with him to warn Nigerians not to come to Kaduna State as the state has been “encircled by bandits”.

Ustaz Usman called at exactly 2.02 pm on Tuesday afternoon with his warning. “We have been encircled by bandits. Nowhere is safe again. Please tell Nigerians not to come to Kaduna”‘ he said.

Usman is known in legal circle as a very forthright and conservative lawyer. Highly religious and not given to frivolities and unmerited fame. For him to make the call therefore sets the alarm bell ringing.

“Hope you’re keeping yourself safe?, I asked, and he answered in resignation: “There is nothing one can do, asides prayer because they go from house to house. We just pray. It’s only prayer we can engage in, and some of us can’t even leave Kaduna. For example, I can’t leave because it is even too dangerous in my village”, he replied.

“So you can’t even go to your village?, I asked again. “I go to my village but the way things are at the moment, they kidnap even on the road to my village almost every hour now. It’s only God that can help us, because it’s just like we’re encircled. It is a very terrible thing”, he replied.

Can your statements be used in the media?  “Use it anywhere and let anybody try to deny it. Kaduna is encircled by all these bandits. Just recently, they kidnapped a pregnant woman with her child and sister, and they’re demanding 50 million naira. Kaduna is at a warfront and it’s only God that can help us”‘ Usman concluded.

Yunus Ustaz Usman SAN is the fifth Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) from the North. Born on November 15, 19577 and had esblished his law practice in Kaduna for almost 40 years. On July 30, 1983, he was called to the bar and later conferred with the honour of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). Between 1983 and1984, Usman was a lecturer in law during his NYSC with the Kaduna Polytechnic.

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