It is a thing of bewilderment how the security forces have continued to perpetrate illegality and the massive extrajudicial execution of citizens in the South East in the guise that they are affiliates of the Indigenous People of Biafra or Eastern Security Network. These killings are extrajudicial and therefore unconstitutional because first and foremost, if a group is banned, there is no law anywhere in Nigeria that membership is punishable by public execution by security agencies. Why are members of secret cults that are even banned by the Constitution of Nigeria not being killed? May be because most members of these banned cult groups are the political office holders in the Federal and state governments. I know of a state whereby two distinct cult groups are in competition and take turns to produce the governor and speaker. I know that in most states, the assembly members are in different cults. I know as a fact that most prominent lawyers belong to one of the most influential global cults based in the United Kingdom. My candid advice is that IPOB should be better tactical and strategic by infusing their members into major political positions in the South East and South South. There’s nothing untoward if an IPOB member wins seats as governors and Senators and by so doing would implement the ideology of EASTERN NIGERIA FIRST OR IGBO FIRST. This might mitigate these needless killings and quicken the process of filing cases before the International Criminal Court in the Hague Netherlands against current office holders who are responsible for the bloodshed and mass execution of Igbo youths.

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