Take Actions To Prevent Terrorist Strikes, Stop The Hysteria:- HURIWA To DSS, NSCDC

*Says NSA is a spectacular failure, he should be fired:

Leading Civil Rights Advocacy group: HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has asked the department of State Services (DSS), the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to stop spreading fear amongst Nigerians with their ‘intelligence’ about plots by Islamic terrorists to bomb specific targets but should take preemptive and proactive military measures to incapacitate, degrade, decimate and stop the terrorists before they carry out their threats.

HURIWA has also for the umpteenth time demanded the dismissal of the National Security Adviser Major General Babagana Monguno (rtd) who has failed spectacularly to harness, energize, coordinate the different wings of the armed forces of Nigeria to embark on massive hunt of armed Islamic terrorists who are threatening the territorial integrity of Nigeria and are successfully hitting targets both soft and hard without being prevented.

Accusing the security agencies of causing widespread fear, climate of uncertainty and apprehensions with their reports about imminent attacks by terrorists, HURIWA said that although properly disseminated public notices are acceptable, but the ways and manners that the security agencies have concentrated on just dishing out information and then show a total lack of capacity or unwillingness to stop the terrorists and nip their plots of attacks in the bud is making Nigerians panic and to have the widespread perception that the terrorists are about to overthrow the properly constituted government. HURIWA faulted this modus operandi of spreading fear and then allowing terrorists to have upper hands to create the impression that the armed forces of Nigeria are about to surrender to these Islamic terrorists.

Besides, HURIWA has once more blamed president Buhari’s tolerance of his incompetent security chiefs who are mostly his kinsmen of the same faith, for the general deterioration of the security situation in Nigeria.

“How can Nigeria be spending billions yearly maintaining security agencies but all they do is to dish out rumours about imminent attacks that mostly turn out to happen but these officially armed security forces who have dished out the information will then go to sleep like everyone else and then the Islamic terrorists would strike. This is looking like a tragicomedy or sinister plots by certain powerful persons to milk the financial resources of the Country by stoking up rumors and doing nothing and by that dereliction of their duties, they then permit the armed non-state actors to hit their targets and then the civilian population are in a heightened state of panic, mass hysteria, fear, apprehension and trepidation. This is crude and primitive.”

“What then is the usefulness of intelligence these security forces generate about imminent attacks if the same officially armed forces lack the political will to stop the terrorists before the strike.”

HURIWA recalled that the NSCDC FCT Command in a letter dated July 8, signed by Peter Maigari and addressed to the Permanent Secretary, FCTA, had alerted of renewed threats of attacks by ISWAP terrorists on targets within the nations capital. The letter which stated that ISWAP had declared war on Christians in Nigeria has gone viral creating fear among FCT residents, especially Christian faithful.

In the letter, titled “Renewed threat of attack by ISWAP”, NSCDC wrote: “Certified intelligence reveals that members of the decimated terrorist group ISWAP have concluded plans to launch more coordinated and spontaneous attacks on selected targets within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and had declared war against Christians in Nigeria.

“Intelligence abounds that ISWAP terrorist group has claimed responsibilities of the Tuesday July 5, 2022 attack on Kuje Medium Security Custodial Centre, releasing their adherent members.

“The foregoing is to enable them hibernate in targeted communities (FCT) and re-strategise for further terrorist activities, especially on soft targets to keep the agenda of the group alive to the public.”

The report added: “Taking into consideration the recent terrorist attack on Kuje medium security custodial centre good two hours without any security resistance indicated their readiness to carry out more coordinated attacks in selected cities/towns, security formations, schools, and worship centres in FCT, hence the released of their members for more formidable squad to achieved their dastardly act.”

In its tecommendation, the NSCDC, wrote: “Against this backdrop, it is advised that counter measures be emplaced, and there is need to review existing security measures around such targets and other sensitive facilities with security formations, in FCT to frustrate the planned attack. This report is submitted for your information and necessary action.”

Reacting to the leakage of the intelligence, Civil Defence spokesperson, Shola Odumosu, expressed disappointment, warning that the person who leaked the letter from the Permanent Secretary’s office should be held responsible for the ripple effect it has generated.

“Every security agency gives intelligence report to the concerned authority from time to time and this one from the NSCDC is not an exception. The leakage of letter is not good for the battle the government is fighting against the insurgence,” he frowned.

HURIWA further lamented that Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Idris Wase, yesterday said the Department of State Services, DSS, shared 44 intelligence reports before the attack on Kuje Prisons.

Wase spoke on the floor of the green chamber during the plenary.

He made the remarks while speaking on a motion sponsored by Abubakar Yallemen from Jigawa State, on the need to halt the federal government’s proposed nationwide ban on commercial motorcycles.

On July 5, gunmen attacked the correctional facility in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, and freed hundreds of inmates, including suspected Boko Haram members.

Wase said though the ban on commercial motorcycles will affect transportation system in local areas, it is necessary to check insecurity. “For most of us — 90 percent of my community if not 99 percent — this is the only means of transportation,” he said.

“We appreciate his motion and sensibility, but in line with our principle to help in curbing the incessant insecurity in our country, we have to cooperate with the government

“You cannot imagine what is happening today in Abuja. I’ll confirm to you that I went through the DSS report — 44 reports were given before the attack on Kuje.

“I want to say so. I want to confirm to you — 44. I read through all the reports and it all has to do with this. There is no community that one attack or the other will happen that you will not have intel, and this is part of the intel that they had given as to what is exactly going to happen. So, we have to cooperate with the government.”

In his motion, Yallemen had said the proposed ban on motorcycle operations “will render millions of Nigerians jobless, which could be catastrophic for a nation grappling with high unemployment and poverty rates”.

According to him, the ban “will inflict untold hardships on the generality of Nigerians as it is a common means of transportation among the citizenry, and may provide the terrorists with a pool of desperate youths to recruit”.

He, however, stepped down the motion after Wase advised that the ban is aimed at tackling insecurity. HURIWA then wonders why President Muhammadu Buhari has done nothing to punish his top military aides like the NSA and service chiefs who are sabotaging national security wantonly and stoking up tensions amongst civilian population. HURIWA carpeted the National Assembly for failing to impeach the weak, compromised and tired President Muhammadu Buhari who is simply sleeping whilst Islamists are bombing different States abd locations and are threatening to kidnap him and yet the Tucano fighter jets bought with taxpayers money are not being deployed in the North West because the terrorists are of same Fulani ethnicity with President Muhammadu Buhari abd all internal security chiefs.

Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko;
National Coordinator
JULY 27TH 2022.

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