TakeOff Death: Drama in court as alleged killer asks judge for money to hire private investigator

Patrick Xavier Clark, the man accused of killing Takeoff, is pleading with a judge for money because, according to him, he cannot afford a private investigator but needs one to prepare his case.
Legal documents acquired by TMZ state that Clark is requesting an initial payment of $5,000 to employ a private investigator and that he is unable to afford the charges on his own.

According to the documents , Clark’s family has already spent all of its resources on his counsel, who agreed to represent him at a reduced rate. He claims that in order to “fully investigate [Clark’s] case and to adequately prepare for trial,” he must include a private investigator in his defense.

Clark claims to have already found a private investigator (P.I.) who will take the case for the discounted fee of $85/hour.
Recall that TakeOff was shot in Texas after a private party. He was then proclaimed dead after being shot on the head and torso.

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