The Japata Alcoholic Bitters in circulation have more dangerous ingredients than those that were submitted for testing and registration, according to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

This information was released by NAFDAC on Friday, along with a warning to Nigerians to be cautious about the goods they consume.

This is the second occasion in four months that NAFDAC has expressed concern about the alcoholic beverage Japata, which is made by Chigodson International Company Ltd.

“An alcoholic bitters product that is of grave concern is Japata Alcoholic bitters, which was duly registered by NAFDAC but laced with marijuana or cannabis compared to the registered product that had only ethanol. Through intelligence, NAFDAC was able to shut down the company. This product, when tested in the laboratory, caused the death of the mice within five minutes,” NAFDAC wrote on its website.

“The alcoholic content was doubled compared with the registered product. The retained samples, kept at the point of registration, did not cause any injury to the animals.

“The product laced with cannabis was said to cause altered state of mind and psychological problems to the user. The owner of the company is on the run and the matter has been shared with NDLEA.”

Additionally designated as dangerous liquor marketed to the general population by NAFDAC are herbal concoctions Five Minutes Power, Gamzaki Tradomedical, Barakallahu, Sabon Karfi, and Haonu Laha.

Although Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture is authorized by NAFDAC, it contains harmful prohibited ingredients.

Alcoholic bitters are a common drink for a sizeable portion of male population. There is no evidence to support certain consumers’ assertions that these alcoholic bitters are beneficial to health.

Such alcoholic bitters are frequently offered in public settings without regulation or limitations.

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