Tinubu Will Fail If He Selects A Moslem Running Mate- Says Joe Daudu(SAN)

You assume that there are only 10 Christians in the North or that the votes of millions of Christians in the North will not count or that unknown Gunmen have killed all the Christians in the North.

Wait a minute, I know what is going on. I must have lost it for a moment. Through wishful thinking, those who are distressed and overwhelmed by the fact that the Asiwaju clinched the APC ticket now want him to use his own hands to throw away his advantage and ability to effortlessly win the Presidential election come February next year. Surely you don’t believe that having worked this hard and garnered this volume of support he will just foolishly throw away his advantage. I very much doubt this.

This is how it will play out. Except Jagaban has been overrated in the past, he will not make the mistake of a Muslim- Muslim ticket. This is because the sole factor that created the attraction in today’s Nigeria for a Tinubu Presidency is the twin criteria of Unity and Balance of this great country.

The 10 Northern Governors are not saints but even they recognized the imperative that for their Party to have a fighting chance in this and in future elections they had to make a major strategic move capable of being interpreted as a move in the National interest. Had they pursued their primordial sentiment the opinion polls would by now have forgotten APC as a political party. Consequently in the interest of that balance, Tinubu must select a Northern Christian as his Vice Presidential running mate. The balance must to all intent and purposes must be total and complete.

At any rate, why would Asiwaju nominate a Northern Muslim as running mate. Is this suggestive that the Southern Muslim is not a full Muslim and will not be seen as representing all Nigerian Muslims including the Northern Muslim? I doubt so but that will be the inference if South-Westerners on their own question the quality of their standing in the Faith or the adequacy or sufficiency of Asiwaju as capable of representing all Muslims in Nigeria.

On that note, it is superfluous and totally unwarranted for another region in Nigeria to produce its own Muslim to run with Tinubu. Finally, on this note, no one should doubt the numerical quantum or volume of the Christian population in Northern Nigeria. It is large and massive and ignoring them will not only guarantee a loss of their votes but the votes of all Christians nationwide.

Finally, my advice to the Jagaban, unsolicited as it may appear, please ignore these alleged latter day do-gooders and emergency advisors and pick a Christian North Easterner starting with Boss Mustapher or Dogara Yakubu, perhaps Governor Lalong. Indeed Babachir can be considered if he has concluded his case. But all political parties must avoid committing political suicide.


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