Turji’s move to reach out to the state Gov. Could be a plot to protect his wealth- Security official.

According to a security official in Zamfara State who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, Mr. Turji and the state government had not reached an understanding regarding a peace agreement.

What we do know is that by claiming that Turji and other bandits had changed their ways, the deputy governor was merely attempting to reassure the state’s residents. Where exactly is the peace agreement when Turji killed rival bandits with force, refused to turn over any firearms to the state authorities, and stole their cattle and other belongings?

When asked why Mr Turji reached out to the state government and the Shinkafi emirate for peace, the official said it could be a move to protect his wealth.

He continued, saying that according to intelligence data at their disposal, Mr. Turji has established a cow “empire” and has assigned some of his boys responsibility for caring for hundreds of cattle. He owns automobiles and motorcycles. He also has money. He believes that by approaching the authorities, he would be granted permission to protect his money while temporarily putting an end to hostilities against innocent citizens.

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